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Date:  07-31-95
Issue:  E-35

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First Word

Egad, yet another enormous Mouth.  With the inclusion of
Brian's two pieces on allegiance comparison tables and the
end-all to climate questions, we've exceeding 40  pages'
this time around.

I've a question or two for the readers: first, are any of
you still limited to the shorter line-lengths required by
some older mailers (I can never remember the actual
character length, but you know what I mean)?  If you
aren't, then we don't have to recut the Mouth for shorter
margins, which would make yours truly a very happy camper.

Second, how many of you are stuck with a service that
limits incoming/outgoing email to 32k?  Is this still true
for AOL?  Or has that particular problem been solved?
Would it be possible to post the mouth to
for those of you with limited readers, so you can download
the file in it's entirety from the usenet?  And for the
AOL folks - even if you can only read mail of 32k or less,
can you accept longer attached files?

If no one responds in the affirmative, I'm going to stop
cutting the Mouth for shorter margins.  I'll also send it
as one big file rather than a bunch of small ones just
under 32k.  So...if you're still laboring under strange
restrictions drop me a line before Mouth 36, okay?

On a completely non-game-related note, I've been going
through my list of interesting newsgroups of late to see
if they're still worth looking at.  The list has fallen
from 159 to 72 in the last ten days, after discovering
that many no longer have anything to do with their topics
and are now dominated by the flamewars of the completely
clueless (clarification: I'm not a nethead.  I might drop
in on a group once a year, just for a change of pace).
So many people have opinions on things they know nothing
about, it just amazes me; even more so because they're so
willing to publicly flout their ignorance.  I gather that
by the time I complete my review I may have all of six or
seven newsgroups left on my list (sigh).

On the brighter side, alt.alien.visitors is just as funny
as it ever was, and I encourage you to check it out on
those late nights when nothing's on TV and you're too
tired to do something more productive.  The incidental
humor content of the posts is something that needs to be
experienced to be appreciated.

Until next time,


A Compendium of Riddles
By S. Siebert

1. Ever so sharp
   but not so long
   it's cut of a jewel
   made it's way into song

Answer: Angrist

2. A song set in stone
   It sat in glory all alone
   Staunch in its fight against the dark
   Until foul betrayal extinguished it's great spark.

Answer:  Gondolin

3. On high he was among the Noldor
   He alone was wedded once and once more
   Slain he was like many of his line
   By darkest evil in search of beauty fine.

Answer: Finwe

4. In tale his deed was of a heroic meter
   Told to left the hearts of young
   In deed the tale becomes even sweeter
   and of his shot more and more were sung.

Answer: Bard

5. A poem it is of ghostly haunts
   of hero seeking solace but finding only taunts
   Written they say by one of those a bearer
   A dream misspeled and holding only terror.

Answer: Sea-Bell

6. From Brandy to the tower
   twas granted by royal power

Answer: The Shire

7. In the west it was said this way
   And until it fall it alone held sway
   In the days of power it came to a head
   taken from the early men some said.

Answer: Believed to be "Adunaic". "Numenor" was tried and
is wrong.  Some think "Numenorian" may work.

8. Large from the first, they were bred that way
   to move and think and bit slower than most
   their power and strength held most at bay
   and they were the brunt on the Dark Lords host.

Answer: Trolls

9. As red he was known
   but it was as guardian that the tells were sown
   And so the guardian did slay the hunters both man and
   Yet the good did devour
    Til death brought it's own surcease

Answer: Carchoroth

10. It is in the most ancient form
    and tells of those three houses
    They who fought the Dark til ne'er lost
    who risked all with their brothers no matter the cost
     A heroic voyage enable them to survive the dire test
    and in return they were given the west.

Possible answers: Akallabeth (probably this one), Tale of
the chilren of Hurin (Narn I Hin Hurin), Release from
Bondage (Lay of Leithan)

11. Tenth by the first
    Tenth by the second
    Third by the Third
    Yet always thirty by all that reckon

Answer: Narquelie

12. Carved upon the deathless door
    His name was carved by elven hand
    In the city below and books of lore
    his artistry would be remembered throughout the land.

Answer: (Narvi or Celebrimbor) It's your guess,
Celebrimbor was the elf and was known as the greatest
"craftsman" throughout the land. He also worked on the
door with Narvi. Narvi made the door and is a Dwarf. The
question is..whose name is on the door, the elf or dwarf.

Tom's note: It's been ten years or more since I read the
trilogy, but doesn' the door say something like "I, Narvi,
carved these runes..."?

13. Of them they were one of three
    Larger and heavier than either of the two.
   a great hairy move was made in the third but many
 didn't agree
    And back some went and were gladdened by the dew.

Answer: Stoors

14.A true friend and implacable enemy was he
   Risk-taker, counselor, schemer
   Twice into the bowels of the dark he did go
   And by none of the elemental test
   was he truly laid low

Answer: Gandalf

15. The first found them where
    the light of sun could not find them
    they howl and snarl and shun the light
    but as mounts and fighters they aid the dark fight

Answer: Wargs

16. Last of the old is she
    A force that even the Dark Lord fears
    A place of shaddows is her home
    And our screams are the last sound anyone hears.

Answer: Shelob

17. Of the ancient, the most
    Of the tales, the very first
    Set down by a Noldorian host
    In the Following a theme well versed.

Answer: Ainulindale

18. It's air is sultry, dark and sweet
    and it's wake death and despair do meet
    for it brings surcease and terror all in one
    but by fragrant plant it is undone.

Answer: Black Breath

19. Made by the darker dark in ages gone by
    Quendi sired the tales did cry
    In the dark out of the light of day,
    They used numbers to keep the light at bay.

Answer: Orcs

20. A lesser of the west,
    Yet south of the southern wall
    Flowing south then east at it's own behest
    To a long joining it does crawl.

Answer: River Ginglith

21. It points south from the inner side of high ground
    With it's own high heights and lower than low
    It is known from afar that by greater magics it is
    and that it awaited the return of it's lord's dire

Answer: Thought to be "Barad-dur"

22. A numenorean was his to bear
    A city once known as Lond Ernil fell to his care.
    Having victory there he brought battle to field a
    And in victory again did he give his daughter to

Answer: Imrahil

23. Of the Dwarven line of D
    Yet related was he to the G's
    Fought for life and honor for the T's
    Yet lost his life to a watery tragedy.

Answer: Oin

24. A windy place they say,
    Atop the southernmost and tallest of the high
    a place where an eye of seeing did lay,
    First sought, then deserted as the years went by.

Answer: Thought to be "Amon Sul"

25. Out of dark mirkwood he was said to come
    Selected nevertheless tho not as mighty as some.
    A good fellow was he, a lover of tree,
    who waited til thirds end to sail o'er sea.

Answer: Legolas

26. The mouth spews forth- some say for leagues forty
    And from it's gate it is said the faithful did sorty

Answer: Bay of Romenna

27. In Dark secrecy they were made
    By secret blend
    Strength and fear were the cornerstones laid
    When they came about near Third Age end.

Answer: Uruk-Hai

News from the Net
Compiled by Brian Mason
Post #1
From: (PostMarque)
Subject: Help with ME riddle -please- ?
Date: 4 Jul 1995 00:20:30

If anyone can help me with this Middle Earth riddle, I'd
really appreciate it.  If you have suggestions for the
answer, please email me directly as it's time-sensitive.
If it helps any, the riddle itself is circa 2950.

In the west it was said this way
  And until it fall it alone held sway
    In the days of power it came to a head
      Taken from the early Men some said.

The riddle does say "fall" in line two, and not "fell" as
one might expect.

Post #2
From: (Global GM)
Subject: Middle Earth Riddle
Date: 20 Jun 1995 03:49:50

This is a riddle from the pbm game.  Can anyone help me?

Its air is sultry, dark and sweet
   and in its wake death and despair do meet
      for it brings surcease and terror all in one
         but by a fragrant plant it is undone.

response from (Patrick Matthews)

Black Breath? I believe its effects are countered by the
athelas plant, which the "contemporary" healers of Gondor
considered a mere obscure herb.

Post #3
From: (Rownsepyk)
Subject: ME-PBM 2950 riddle help?
Date: 6 Jun 95 08:42:39 PDT

I have a riddle form game 2950 that has stumped me so far.

"An emblem of white's clear call
 Heraldry handed down to be emblazoned on shield, helmet,
and all."

I tried Elendil's Badge, and got no response (still
waiting for an answer).

response from (TomTG)

Might it be the "White Hand" of Sauraman [sic].

response from (Dean Johnson)

What about The Simirals [sic]

response from (Dean Johnson)

The White Hand?

response from (Rownsepyk)

Ah ha!  An answer worked (as I thought it would.)

Thanks all for your suggestions.

     An emblem of white's clear call
     Heraldry handed down to be emblazoned on shield,
helmet and all.
     White Hand

Post #4
From: Patrick F. McGehearty 
Subject: Re: MEPBM Armies
Date: 9 Jun 1995 16:40:20

In article ,
Dave Hastings  wrote:
>Could someone please clarify this for me.
>If I am transfering troops from one army to another,
>leaving the original army with no troops, what happens
>to the food that is with that army.  Does it just
>dissapear or does it go into the food stores of the
>city.  Thanks in advance.

If you transfer troops from one army to another, leaving
the original army with 0 to 99 troops, any food, metal,
etc with the original army goes away.  The only way to get
the food into the popcenter is to do a TrAr2Po(#345) which
comes before TrTrps (#355).

Post #5
From: (Ctharrl)
Subject: MEPBM Riddle
Date: 10 Jun 1995 18:27:15

There is a small walled grotto where the passage of time
has seemed to stop. There is a sense of power about the
place. On one wall you see enscribed in runes and glyphs
of power:

d r o u k n n a l t a o h n i

The essence of power seems to await just a one or two word
answer to the riddle... What word(s) or name will XXXXXXX
say ? (If no response is given, he will be assumed to have
fled the scene.)<<

I haven't the faintest. Any help appreciated.

Post #6
From: (Mike Poidinger)
Subject: MEPBM Dragons
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 05:56:16 GMT

I am playing SG in Australian game 1 of MEPBM.

Things are looking pretty grim for the FP, partly because
the ds seem to have dragons dripping off them.  The Dog
Lord has one which has been around 10 turns now (currently
turn 17), and he recently picked up another.  Even the
Dunlendings have one.

Is it usual in MEPBM to see this many, long lasting
dragons, and does anyone have a way of combating them?

response from (Thomas Meier)

Just get an army strong enough to overcome the enemy's
constitution.  There is no other way (at least to my
knowledge). Dragons, Ents, Eagles etc. may help, though

response from (Dennis DeYoung)

You must kill their army in one round of combat before (or
while) the dragon kills most of your guys.  You could also
kidnap/assass his army commanders causing his army to
disband.  Try ScoArmy and Divine Chars w/ Army to help w/
this.  You might want to have your team use the Mantle to
hide the pop ctrs he is targetting also.

Post #7
From: Patrick F. McGehearty 
Subject: MEPBM - riddle answer
Date: 26 Jun 1995 17:58:43

I earlier asked for suggestions to the following riddle
after Smeagol failed to work.  A number of people
suggested Gollum.  I put off trying it, figuring that it
has no chance, since Smeagol is Gollum's true name.

A gentle being made mad by ancient power
  From the sun did he cravenly cower.
    A miserable life of full of fearful loss
      An extended life, but at what cost?
        Following them, ever did follow he
          Til he found a peaceful end to his long misery.

After trying Hurin and Turin, I finally tried Gollum,
being out of other ideas.  Guess what?  It worked.

Of course, I would not call falling into the Cracks of
Doom a peaceful end, but whatever works...

Post #8

From: (u03nas)
Subject: MEPBM Economy
Date: 3 Jul 1995 12:17:11 GMT

In the game I'm playing I've seen the economy drop by
about 300% over 4 turns. Mithril was sell for 300 now its
sell for 17, same with all the other commodities. 2
nations have gone under and Harad has just dropped (all
his towns have degraded to camps). Is there any way to
force the maket prices back up because I need to sell to
stay afloat ?

response from DAVE ROSSELL 

The only way to kick the me-pbm economy out of a
Depression is to add gold to the system:  new
gold-producing camps, higher tax rates, bigger pop
centers.  Players also need to keep more gold in
reserves--as much as they can.  The problem is, the cycle
is hard to break 'cause it takes money to make money in
Middle Earth, just like in real life ...

response from Chelsea Wood 

Yes, that's right - the more gold nations have in their
reserves, the higher the market prices will be.  In one
game where the DS won big early, they built and built up
their gold reserves (average is now about 250,000 or so)
and as a result, prices are staggeringly high. Mithril now
sells for about 300 gold apiece and I have about 400
mithril in stock.  I'd make a killing if I sold it all
(within market sell limits)

As a result, I consider emissaries to be a must create
character class at game start either in the 2950 or in the
1650 scenario.  They'll pay for themselves again and
again, esp over the long run via camp creation and later
on improving them.

response from (Jan Eikeland)

In real life, war had some effect.

response from (Larry Bundy)

The market is only as strong as the general economy. Its
a percentage of overall tax base and reserves. The only
way to quickly affect it is to maintain high reserves
(i.e. stop creating characters and large armies). As
enough nations increase their reserves the market prices
will go up accordingly. Unfortunately it is a cycle. Low
reserves = low market prices = lower reserves. You'll need
a few nations to balance their budget before things will
turn around. It is also based on supply, the more you use
mounts and metal for your army, the higher the price will
go. The more you sell these things to the market, the
lower the price will go. Good Hunting!

Post #9
From: (B.H.M"uller)
Subject: Re: MEPBM: InfOthr and armies
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 10:17:10 GMT

In <3rn2se$>, Kevin McGee
>> ...
>>Does that mean that EVERY hostile army in ANY
>>population center avoides InfOther orderes in that pop?
>No and no.  Any army neutral, disliked or hated to you
>will prevent and InfOthr
Thanks for your answer, Kevin. (Where are all the other
veterans ??)

I hope you are right, our future may depend on it ...

response from (Darren L Frechette)

Not true.

I influenced loyalty at a neutral pop center that had a
neutral army at it.  I assume it's just enemy armies,
enemy to the emissary.  That's what the book says anyway.

response from Kevin McGee 

 stand corrected.  Thanks Darren.

Post #10
From: Patrick F. McGehearty 
Subject: Re: MEPBM 1650 game 205
Date: 26 Jun 1995 17:37:03

In article <3sc998$>,
Demigod98G  wrote:
>Anyone out there in this game?  I just got the setup for
>it and GSI didn't give me a choice of what to play, they
>just kinda stuck me in Eothraim. Any suggestions on how
>to play this particular nation would be greatly

Obviously, contact your nearby allies as soon as possible
as they will be critical to your success.  If the two
playing the Gondors are aggressive, you are in luck.  The
Northmen and others can contribute as well.  The posture
of the neutral Easterlings also makes a critical

The natural way to play the Eothraim is as an attacking,
military nation.  You need to use up your initial Cav
forces eliminating the Long Rider, Dog Lord, and Dark Lt
forces before you go broke.  You also need to keep your
forces moving to make it harder for the Dark Side agents
to do a number on you.  You will lose commanders and
armies anyway, but not as often.  Your first big decision
is whether to smash the Dog Lord at 3120 or sweep to east
and come in Mordor's back door. Other possibilities exist
as well.  Taking or destroying major towns should be your
prime goal, and keeping the Dark Side on the defensive
should be your secondary goal.  To do that, you will need
to recruit heavily, which will push your economy to the
limit.  That means your economy needs special care if you
are to avoid bankruptcy.

Lots of possibilities, depending on who's in the game with

response from Chelsea Wood 

Sweeping around the backdoor of Mordor is not a good idea
if the DS are agg aggressive, since the Eothraim cluster
of MT's is just one uncontested march from Morannon.
Several DS armies moving evasively and avoiding the roads
could easily reach the MT's long before the Eoth cavalry
gets around the back door.  And avoid packing most of the
cavalry in one big army - it's just a too tempting target
for DS agents to take out, and if they do,  the Eoth are
in big trouble, to put it mildly.  That's what happened
in #185, when combined agents from the CL, DrkLts and LR
hopped onto a 3900 cav army at 3120 and took out all five
characters in it, while losing just 3120 and all DS forces
untouched.  You can guess what happened.    And I was
the CL in that one so I can vouch for that one. (heh heh)

response from Danielf590 

If you haven't sent in your turn yet and you know some of
your allies AND the freeps are targetting the Dragon Lord
for quick elimination, the following is a classic....  On
turn 1, take the startup army at 3819 and move it (forced)
to 4420 where it cannot be seen by the evils.  Then on
turn 2 move it to 3922.  It will be seen there, but on
turn 3 you move to

(Tom's note: guess he lost his caravan of thought....)
response from Chelsea Wood 

Actually, 4420 appears on the Long Rider regional map. And
that position starts with the most deadliest agent in the
game - Din Ohtar, if all the LR agent artifacts are placed
on him.  Also, the LR cav army starting at 4324 can block
it to set it up for DS agents.  Also, the BS can split off
part of his army to help out - as well as the CL who
sometimes sends all his cavalry up north to help out the
LR.   Another strategy is for the LR to give the CL one
or two of his lesser agent artifacts to CL agents (I did
this in a game as the LR and received the RoWind for my
trouble later on in the game) This early in the game,
Eothraim army commanders are notoriously vulnerable to DS
agents. >;)

response from (Dennis DeYoung)

Chelsea, I think Danielf590 is correct.  4420 does NOT
appear on any nation's regional map, including the LR map
which goes from:

  UL = 3615    UR = 4415
                  4320 (4420) <- Blind.
  LL = 3627    LR = 4427

Post #11
From: (PostMarque)
Subject: Help w/ ME-2950 riddle??
Date: 4 Jul 1995 00:21:12

If anyone can help me with this Middle Earth riddle, I'd
really appreciate it.  If you have suggestions for the
answer, please email me directly as it's time-sensitive.
If it helps any, the riddle itself is circa 2950.

In the west it was said this way
  And until it fall it alone held sway
    In the days of power it came to a head
      Taken from the early Men some said.

The riddle does say "fall" in line two, and not "fell" as
one might expect.

Post #12
From: (HayesJM)
Subject: MEPM 2950 riddle help
Date: 16 Jul 1995 13:34:13

I got this riddle in a 2950 game I would like some help

Of them they were one of the three
     Larger and heavier than either of the other two
           A great hairy move was made in the third but
            many did not agree
                 And back some went and were gladdened by
                the dew.

I would appreciate any help with this.  I think it may be
refering to the Fallohides Hobbits but am not sure.

response from
From: (Samuel Freeman)
Subject: Re: MEPM 2950 riddle help
Date: 17 Jul 1995 15:26:14 GMT

Don't have my books handy, but it sounds like it could be
the Tooks.  I believe they moved back across the
Brandywine.  Also, when the four hobbits set out to
Rivendell, they left in the early morning and there was
fog and dew on the ground.

response from (Paul Erik Lundstroem)
I think you're right!! It sure sounds like one of the 3
Hobbit groups - I can't remember off hand which one was
the haevier....

response from (Dennis DeYoung)

Stoors is correct.

Post #13
From: (Wei Wang)
Subject: Re: ME2950 Newbie
Date: 6 May 1995 18:24:21 GMT (Larry Bundy) writes:

>    Hi, although I'm not new to Middle Earth I am new to
>this medium.  Anyone interested in exchanging info or
>just general discussion on 2950 let me know.

The 2950 game is characterized by weak armies and poor
economies.  This makes powerful agents very important.
There seems to be an inevitable downward price spiral
which, combined with poor tax bases, puts most nations
near bankruptcy the whole game.

Single large armies can be devastating, when combined with
effective agent action, because your enemy may possibly
have no armies defending the homeland.  The 2950 game I
am in right now consists of super agents on both sides
killing off tons of characters while fairly small armies
maneuver around.

Theoretically the One Ring plays a larger part in this
game also.

Notes from Paul Erik Lundstroem

A friend of mine, John Francos (UK), assassinated Lamthanc
with Ji Indur! Ji was 173 Agent (effective 193), 55
Stealth. There was an error at Allsorts (in some way), and
they had to run the turn twice - Ji Indur only succeeded
one of the times!! You need a pretty nasty Agent to try
this stunt.....

John Francos also reported that he stole 24000 gold at
Arthedains capital!!! This might be an old issue, but I
thought GSI had put a limit on how much each Agent can
steal??? This Agent was a 75 Skill Agent with no Stealth.
I thought more Agents can EACH steal up to the gold
production and max taxbase in a popcenter - can anybody
confirm this?? Is it different then, if you steal from a
capital?? It looks like you can steal whatever is in the
Nations Reserve, when stealing from a capital.

Note from Tom: yep, GSI explicitly stated that the normal
theft limits don't apply to capitols.

False Information
>From Scott Brown

I just finished reading volume 34 and noticed the part
about false or misleading nation messages.  I can confirm
that this definitely happens.  In game 132, I am playing
Harad.  About 2-3 turns ago I got a nation message of a
rumoured conlfict between Harad and the Ice King at hex
3234.  There was no such conflict.  Hex 3234 was a camp
of mine.  The Ice King had an army with a dragon attached
to it at the camp but did not attack, siege, threaten, etc
the camp.  The army simply moved off on the same turn as
the alledged conflict.  The only thing that happened was
that the dragon influenced the loyalty downward.  So,
nation messages are not always truthful.

Scott W. Brown

(Tom's note: this is typical of the kind of false rumor
you get when someone is doing the  Spread Rumors' order.
It often takes real elements in the game and combines them
with an action that doesn't really occur.)

Fiction from Dave Rossell

"We need your troops *now*, not a month from now,"
protested Tarondor.

"Well, I haven't seen much of the great Northern Gondorian
levies, " replied Celdrahil with a sneer.  "Here again you
expect Southern Gondor troops to save your territory.  Why
should we?  If you had..."

"How can you ask that question!  This is the Enemy of all
free peoples pouring from the passes of Mordor!  No one
can stand idly by!"  Color began to flush Tarondor's
cheeks.  I've had about all of this efeet 'cavalier' I'm
going to take . . .

"True," purred Celdrahil.  "But we of Southern Gondor must
look to our own defenses as well.  And we have already
sent thousands of our best men to fight and die to protect
the citizens that you cannot.  We too have suffered
losses.  We have our own interests to pro-"

Tarondor slammed a fist down onto the wooden table.
"Enough!"  You  rule at my suffrance, as my vassal.  You
will fulfill your obligations to me as your lord, or I
will throw you to the trolls and replace you with someone
who upholds their commitments!"

"You won't get away with that sort of bluster with me,
*Lord* Tarondor," said Celdrahil, standing and leaning
over the table.  "We of Southern Gondor are an independent
people with our own institutions.  We are not subject to
your rule, or anyone else's!"

Tarondor opened his mouth to speak, but Celdrahil cut him
off, slapping the table with his hand.

"You rule the richest realm this world has ever seen, your
citizens number beyond count, yet you beg us for help, I
know what you want, oh yes, you want Southerners to die
in your war, under your incompetent command, sparing your
nation so that when the battle is over, you can just move
in and take over, just as you crushed the sea captains at
Pelagir, well . ."

"You selfish, pigheaded dolt!" yelled Tarondor, rising
also to put his face inches from Celdrahil's.  "Already
the people of Ithil, Romenost, Tir Limlight, Onodrith and
Warfinger face the oppression of the enemy!  And what have
you done!  Send a token force to Ithilien.  Sail your
navies aimlessly.  Cry how you cannot send more aid
because of poor logistics.  Bah!  I begin to wonder if you
are in league with the Enemy himself!"

"That, sir," said Celdrahil, his voice quaking with rage,
"is an affront to my honor.  I demand satisfaction."

"Oh yes, of course, your precious Southern Honor."
Tarondor pushed  back from the table, his voice quiet.
"You demand, sat-is-faction."  He drew the last word out,
hissing it like a snake.  "You would shed blood in this
hall, in this sacred place?"  He stared at the self-styled
'Rightful Ruler of All Gondor', the  man who would murder
his leige in cold blood, to uphold his 'honor.'

"Ah, Tarondor the Just proves to be Tarondor the Coward
as well?  Well, perhaps I should horsewhip you from your
own chambers instead.  I should have know better than to
expect a Northern fool and incompetent to understand

"All right!" bellowed Tarondor, drawing his sword.  "I
will fight a traitor and a renegade!  If only to cleanse
the filth . . ."

Celdrahil howled with rage.  He lunged toward Tarondor,
drawing his  sword and swinging down at the king's head
in one smooth motion.  Blades clanged and screeched as
Tarondor parried and swept Celdrahil's sword aside.  They
closed again, attack, parry, beat-riposte, cursing and
puffing under the ringing weapons.

Neither noticed the old man enter the room, nor saw his
bushy eyebrows arch in surprise to see the rulers trying
to kill each other.  Nor did they see him raise his staff
. . .

CRRRAACCCCK--BOOM  Lighting shot from the wizard's staff,
shattering the swords, and hurling the opponents to the
ground.  The rulers sprawled on the ground, choking on
ozone and smoke, making no effort to recover their

Gandalf lowered his staff and glared at them.  "Look at
you two!"  He muttered to himself and walked over to them.
"Fighting like children!  The Enemy is outside, swarming
from Mordor!"

"No, sir," said Celdrahil as he struggled to his feet.
"The enemy is in here, choking off our rights, our

"No, the enemy is out there," Gandalf said, thumping
Celdrahil's chest with the staff.  "Both of you are doing
the Enemy's work for him."  Gandalf fixed them with a
stare as they hung their heads sheepishly.  "Now,

"I'd sooner kiss a Nazgul, " muttered Celdrahil, as
Tarondor rose to his feet.  Gandalf gestured again with
the staff and the air began to crackle, and the rulers'
hair stood on end.

"Er, maybe an apology would be best, " stammered

"Er, yes, I agree, " added Tarondor.

"Er, I apologize, Lord Tarondor"

"I apologize also, Prince Celdrahil"

"Good."  Gandalf lowered his staff.  "Now," and he
glowered at them  again, "Get to work like civilized men."
Celdrahil and Tarondor promptly found their seats.  "And
if I see any more bickering, I'll turn both of you into,
oh, newts or something."

Tarondor paled, Celdrahil gulped, and they set back to

Allegiance Comparison Tables
By Brian Mason

These tables are the 2950 equivalent to the 1650
Allegiance Comparison Tables (From the Mouth of Sauron,
Issue #3). In the same spirit, these were put together to
see how balanced the game was, both regionally and
overall, and to see how much difference a neutral made
when it declared for one side or the other.

Explanatory notes follow.  If you can't make out my system
here, drop me a line and I'll explain whatever seems

Eriador is that section of the map west of the Misty
Mountains (the long mountain chain running north-south
down the center of the map).

Mirkwood is that section of the map east of the Misty
Mountains and west of the Rhovanion.

Mordor is that section of the map south and east of the
Mirkwood forest.

Tax Base is the total tax base of the
nation/region/allegiance at a tax rate of 100%.

Resource Base is the total resource output available to
the nation/region/allegiance assuming a 'Warm' climate.
The numbers were computed by dividing the percentage
production of each population center by 20%.  For example,
a town produces 60% of a hex's available resources; divide
by 20%, and the town's resource  base is 3.  A city, which
only produces 20% of a hex's available resources, has a
resource base of 1.  The town, on the average, will
produce three times what a city does in the same hex.

Some nations have an actual resource base lower than that
given on the tables, because of the climate which
predominates in the region.  Angmar (the nation of the
Witch-King), for example, has a poor climate year-round,
so it's production will be much lower in comparison to
that of Dunland (which has a good climate year-round) -
even though they have close to the same resource base.
Army Strengths don't include training, weapons, or morale,
so actual combat figures will be around 40-50% of the
totals given.  Army defense does include modifiers for
armor.  Where defense differed from attack by more than
a thousand points or so, the numbers are given separately.

Note that the effects of weapons, training, and so forth
effectively reduce the combat strengths of Mordor's armies
by about 10% in comparison to their regional enemies.  The
Witch-King and Dragon Lord have combat strengths 15-20%
lower in comparison to their enemies even when things
otherwise seem equal.

Character Points simply lists all the points each
nation/region/allegiance has available.  Stealth is added
in at it's full value if the character who has it also has
agent skill; if not, it's added in at half its value.
Note that this information may be somewhat misleading, as
triple and quadruple-classed characters aren't as useful
as they may appear to be.

Artifacts lists the total skill bonuses for each

Combat lists the strength of the combat weapons available
to each nation/region/allegiance.

When making comparisons between allegiances, characters,
artifacts and weapons were left out of the computations.
These items are much more mobile than armies, and are in
a sense 'transferable' between regions.

In comparison with the 1650 tables, the Dwarves are now
considered a Mordor nation due to the predominance of
their fighting strength in the Iron Hills. With the move
of position five from Eriador to Mirkwood, the changes or
mostly complete with the exception of the Witch-king.
Despite having a usual strong presence in both Eriador and
Mordor, he is listed as a Eriador position as the Dark
Servant presence in this region evaporates completely
without him.

Free Peoples
Nation       Tax     RB   Combat   CP   Art       Com

Woodmen     17,500   18   3,000   493  0,0,0,0    0

Northmen    22,500   15   3,500   330  0,0,0,0    0

Rohirrim    20,000   17   8,010   360  15,0,0,0   1,750

Rangers     15,000   18   2,600   580  60,20,0,10 2,750

Silvan      17,500   19   3,800/  470  0,40,0,30  1,500
(Mirkwood)                2,600

N. Gondor   35,000   21   14,700  440  0,25,0,15  2,250

S. Gondor   35,000   23   11,100  430  15,0,0,0   1,250

Dwarves     17,500   22   7,500   400  10,20,0,0  750

S. Elves    20,000   17   1,100/  698  0,0,0,90   3,250
(Mirkwood)                700

N. Elves    22,500   16   1,200/  855  15,0,0,105 2,750
(Eriador)                 400

Dark Servants

Nation       Tax     RB   Combat   CP   Art       Com

Witch-King   20,000  17   3,600   515  50,0,30,30 4,000

Drag. Lord   20,000  17   3,600   530  0,0,0,60   1,750

Dog Lord     15,000  19   4,000   455  50,20,0,50 4,250

Cl. Lord     20,000  17   1,200   400  25,0,0,0   1,500

B. Sorc.     15,000  19   1,200   565  30,0,0,35  2,250

Ice King     12,500  20   1,200   450  0,0,0,55   1,000

Q. Avenger   15,000  19   5,200   445  0,0,0,0    1,750

Fire King    12,500  20   1,600   375  15,0,0,0   1,500

L. Rider     17,500  18   12,000  440  0,60,0,20  2,000

Dark Lts     12,500  20   1,200   655 30,40,20,60 4,500

Nation       Tax     RB   Combat   CP   Art       Com

Corsairs    32,500   17   2,000    330  0,10,0,0  750

Easterlings 20,000   22   3,800    330  0,0,0,0   500

Dunlendings 20,000   22   3,900    370  0,0,0,0   1,500

Wizard      12,500   25   2,400    400  0,0,0,0   2,000

Easterlings 22,500   19   7,600    320  0,0,0,0   1,250

Nation Totals by Region and Allegiance
Allegiance  Tax     RB  Combat  CP   Art          Com

Free Peoples

(Eriador)   37,500   34  3,800/ 1,435 75,20,0,115 5,500
(Mirkwood) 55,000    54  7,900/ 1,661 0,40,0,120  4,750
(Mordor)   130,000   98  44,810 1,960 40,45,0,15  6,000

Total     222,500  186 56,510/ 5,056 115,105,0,250 16,250

Dark Servants

(Eriador)  20,000  17 3,600  515  50,0,30,30     4,000

(Mirkwood) 20,000  17 3,600  530   0,0,0,60      1,750

(Mordor)  120,000  152 27,600 3,785 150,120,20,220 18,750

Total     160,000  186 34,800 4,830 200,120,50,310 24,500


(Eriador) 32,500   47 6,300   770    0,0,0,0       3,500

(Mordor)  78,000   58 13,400  980    0,0,0,0       2,500

Total    110,500  105 19,700 1,750   0,0,0,0      6,000

Relative Strength Comparisons

Dark Servants vs
Free Peoples

Region              Tax         RB          Combat

Eriador             0.53       0.50        0.95 / 1.20
Mirkwood            0.36       0.31        0.46 / 0.57
Mordor              0.92       1.55        0.62
Total               0.72       1.00        0.62 / 0.64

                    Tax         RB          Combat

In Eriador          0.53       0.50        0.95 / 1.20
w/Dunland           1.07       1.15        1.97 / 2.50
w/White Wizard      0.87       1.24        1.58 / 2.00
w/both              1.40       1.88        2.61 / 3.30

                    Tax         RB          Combat

In Mordor           0.92       1.55          0.62
w/Corsairs          1.17       1.72          0.66
w/Rhun              1.08       1.78          0.70
w/Khand             1.10       1.74          0.79
w/Corsairs & Rhun   1.33       1.95          0.75
w/Corsairs & Khand  1.35       1.92          0.83
w/Rhun & Khand      1.25       1.97          0.87
w/all three         1.50       2.14          0.91

Neutrals vs Free Peoples
(In Eriador)
                    Tax         RB          Combat

Dunland             0.53        0.65       1.03 / 1.30
White Wizard        0.33        0.50       0.63 / 0.80

Neutrals vs Dark Servants
(in Eriador)
                    Tax         RB          Combat

Dunland             1.00        1.29        1.09
White Wizard        0.63        1.47        0.67

Neutrals vs Free Peoples
(in Mordor)
                    Tax         RB          Combat

Corsairs            0.25        0.17        0.04
Rhun                0.15        0.22        0.08
Khand               0.17        0.19        0.18

Neutrals vs Dark Servants
(in Mordor)
                    Tax         RB          Combat

Corsairs            0.27        0.11        0.07
Rhun                0.17        0.14        0.14
Khand               0.19        0.13        0.28

Neutrals vs Free Peoples
(Middle Earth)
                    Tax         RB          Combat

Corsairs            0.15        0.09      0.04 / 0.04
Rhun                0.09        0.12      0.07 / 0.07
Dunland             0.09        0.12      0.07 / 0.07
White Wizard        0.06        0.13      0.04 / 0.04
Khand               0.10        0.10      0.13 / 0.14

Neutrals vs Dark Servants
(Middle Earth)
                    Tax         RB          Combat

Corsairs            0.13        0.09        0.06
Rhun                0.13        0.12        0.11
Dunland             0.13        0.12        0.11
White Wizard        0.08        0.13        0.07
Khand               0.14        0.10        0.22

One interesting exercise to compare differences between
the 1650 and 2950 scenarios. For example, while many of
the Dark Servants are unchanged, we see across the board
drops in economic strength of the neutrals, and especially
in the Free Peoples. Armies of both sides are
considerably weaker, making fortifications and combat
weapons significantly more important. We also see a
strengthening of Free People characters and the addition
of some agent artifacts.

The Database on Climate by Brian Mason


The database on climates has reached a very near complete
state, and it is unlikely to see any but small incremental
additions in the future. Thanks are due to Greg Reid,
Thomas Meier, Holger Eichmann, Kevin McGee, Tom Walton,
Dennis DeYoung, Rochelle Newman, Paul Lundstroem, TomTG,
Bo Beaven, and David Hou for their contributions to the
database. Before the data is presented, some expanation
is necessary regarding several locations.

Two locations had their climate type changed as it is
compared with previous incarnations of this list. The
climate at 2605 for winter was changed from cold to
severe, while the climate at 3822 for fall was changed
from warm to cool. These changes are consistent with
climates of surrounding hexes, and the previous climates
were probably simply transcription errors.

Finally, their remain a few locations for which the
climate has not been reported. These include summer
climate at 2005, and winter climates at 1420, 1715, 1720,
1817, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1922, 2017, 3121, 3223, 3506,
3627, 3829, 3928, 3929, 4025, and 4126. In most cases, the
climates can be inferred from climates of surrounding
hexes. The biggest extrapolation is for the hexes of the
Dunlendings. However, given the climate types of Cardolan
and that at Angrenost it is reasonably certain that this
is the correct climate.

Climate Types

There are nine climate groupings. They are arranged as
follows. For those unfamiliar with some of the
nomenclature, see "Place Names" (From the Mouth of Sauron,
Issue #8).

Severe Tundra - Polar year round. These bitter conditions
are found in the far northern plains (north of and
including hex row 4), the mountains of Angmar and the Ered

Tundra - Severe winter, cold spring and fall, cool
summers. These include the northern Angmar plains, the
plains between Mirkwood and the Ered Mithrin, the isolated
mountains at Sarn Goriwing and Tol Buruth, the Ered
Nimrais, the Hithaeglir, the Iron Hills and the northern
range of the Ered Luin.

Cold Continental - Cold winters, cool spring and fall, and
mild summers. These include the northern Arthedain, the
Ered Lithui and Ephel Duath, the Southern Ered Luin,
Northern Rhovanion (hex rows 06-15), Northern Mirkood, the
Southern Angmar plains and Rhudaur.

Continental - Cold winters, mild spring and fall, warm
summers. These include Southern Rhovanion and Mirkwood,
and the Anduin Vales.

Mild Continental - Mild year round. Western and Southern
Arthedain, Cardolan, Calenardhon, the region of the Noldo
Elves and the Dunlendings.

Warm Continental - Warm summers, mild the rest of the
year. The Anduin Valley from Mirkwood to Minas Anor.

Subtropical - Mild winters, warm fall and spring, hot
summers. Harondor, Gondor south of Minas Anor, the regions
of the Corsairs, the Haradwaith, and Southern Gondor.

Desert - Hot year round. The plains and deserts of Mordor,
Orodruin, the hexes just outside Mordor adjacent to the
Morannon and most of Khand.

Special - Warm year round. These are presumably due to the
influences of the Elven Rings of Elrond and Galadriel and
are found only within Imladris and Lothlorien.

Production of Climate Types

These are divided into two types, organic (food, leather,
mounts, timber) and inorganic (bronze, steel, mithril and
gold). These are the modifiers averaged over the year to
the expected climate production. For expected production
values see "Population Center Development" (From the Mouth
of Sauron, Issue #2).

                 Organic       Inorganic
---------------- ------------- ---------
Severe Tundra     10  %         30  %
Tundra            40  %         65  %
Cold Continental  70  %         90  %
Continental       77.5%         90  %
Mild Continental  90  %        100  %
Warm Continental  92.5%        100  %
Subtropical       92.5%         95  %
Desert            80  %         80  %
Special          100  %        100  %

Modified Resource Base Values

In the article, "Allegiance Comparison Tables" (From the
Mouth of Sauron, Issue #3), a resource base (RB) was
listed for each player position. In this resource base
calculation camps were worth five resource points,
villages worth four points, etc. For the total resource
value, no adjustment was made based on climate. Here we
compute that. For purposes of the calculation, forest,
swamp, plains, desert, and shore are treated as organic
hexes while mountains are treated as inorganic. Hills &
Rough hexes are treated as half organic, half inorganic.
The table below lists the position, the ideal organic and
inorganic resource base, the actual organic and inorganic
resource base, and the organic and inorganic resource
production efficiency.

      |     IDEAL     |    ACTUAL     |  EFFICIENCY   |
Woodmen|   34  |       |   23.0|       |  67.6%|       |
North. |   23  |    3  |   15.5|    2.7|  67.2%|  90  %|
Eoth.  |   30  |       |   22.5|       |  75  %|       |
Arth.  |   29  |    7  |   22.8|    6.5|  78.6%|  92.1%|
Card.  |   23.5|    1.5|   21.2|    1.5|  90  %| 100  %|
NG     |   44.5|    5.5|   39.1|    4.5|  87.8%|  80.9%|
SG     |   19.5|    9.5|   18.0|    9.0|  92.5%|  95  %|
Dw.    |    5.5|   24.5|    3.0|   14.0|  53.6%|  57.2%|
Sinda  |   17  |       |   13.3|       |  77.9%|       |
Noldo  |   17  |    4  |   15.4|    4.0|  90.6%| 100  %|
Total  |  243  |   55  |  193.6|   40.7|  79.7%|  73.9%|
WK     |   16  |    9  |    8.8|    2.7|  55  %|  30  %|
DrLord |   11.5|   11.5|    4.9|    8.4|  42.2%|  72.6%|
DogLo  |       |   19  |       |   17.1|       |  90  %|
ClLord |   10.5|    8.5|    8.4|    7.5|  80  %|  88.2%|
BS     |   16  |    7  |   12.8|    5.8|  80  %|  82.9%|
IK     |    5  |   20  |    4.6|   18  |  92.5%|  90  %|
QA     |   10.5|    8.5|    9.0|    7.1|  85.4%|  84.4%|
FK     |   10  |   14  |    8.0|   12.6|  80  %|  90  %|
LR     |   15  |    9  |   12.0|    7.6|  80  %|  84.4%|
Dk Lts |    8  |   12  |    6.4|   10.6|  80  %|  88.3%|
Total  |  102.5|  118.5|   74.8|   97.4|  73.0%|  82.2%|
Cors.  |   11  |    5  |   10.2|    4.8|  92.5%|  95  %|
Harad. |   20  |   17  |   18.5|   16.2|  92.5%|  95  %|
Duns   |   22  |    8  |   19.8|    7.0|  90  %|  86.9%|
Rhud.  |   22  |    3  |   15.4|    2.7|  70  %|  90  %|
East.  |   23.5|    2.5|   16.1|    2.0|  68.3%|  80  %|
Total  |   98.5|   35.5|   79.9|   32.6|  81.1%|  91.7%|

Observations on Climate Regions

Before presenting the data, a few observations are worth
mentioning based on the results. Generally, the terrain
types of the two alliances allow for the Free Peoples
(Dark Servants) to produce much greater supplies of
organic (inorganic) materials. The climates of their
realms, as seen from the production efficiency simply
increases this differential.

A few other specific observations: while the production
of the Free in materials is generally quite good in
organic materials, some positions (notably the Eothraim)
need more secure positions for mount and leather
production. While they often choose to place camps north
of the River Celduin they can secure much better
production by seeking out the Calenardhon of Northern
Gondor (it is their future home after all!), or even
Cardolan. Unless they plan on rapid development, both a
cooperative Cardolan and Southern Gondor player can aid
their alliance by allowing the placement of population
centers in their area. The varied production and good
climate of Southern Gondor can be a boon to whomever
develops those locations. If the Dwarves are seeking more
(and more secure) mountain holdings it is worth pointing
out the difference in production of the Northern and
Southern Ered Luin. It will mean an extra 25% in
production. The Sinda are well advised to populate their
three other Lothlorien hexes. The continually excellent
production is an asset which should not be ignored,
especially by a position in such dire need of
fortification. The Noldo possess probably both the most
secure and also the most desireable assortment of
terrains. Like Cardolan and Southern Gondor they can be
an asset to the team by developing (or allowing the
development) quickly.

Given the exceedingly poor production, the only reason the
Witch-king should place camps in Angmar is to troll for
dragons. The problem that both he and the other Dark
Servants face is the lack of good locations to place
camps. Most of those that are of good strategic value
(North of Arthedain and the Northmen) have very poor
production, Because of the great number of Free in the
area, the regions of both the Witch-king and Dragon Lord
are vulnerable, while Mordor is choked with population
centers. Apart from moving South of Mordor, the only other
locations offering good production are off map and
surrounded by Free (West of Southern Gondor and
Calenardhon). While the area of the Quiet Avenger offers
good production, there is the uncertainty of the more
powerful neighbors, the three southern neutrals. Another
concern is where the humid subtropical climate stops and
where the desert climate starts.

Three of the neutrals, the Corsairs, Haradwaith, and
Dunlendings have both excellent production potential and
a good variety of production. The other two, Rhudaur and
the Easterlings, are in a more difficult position. Rhudaur
has rather poor production, is under constant scrutiny by
both alliances, and cannot afford (due to the size of its
army) the luxury of long development. The Easterlings,
while not as bad off economically as Rhudaur, are in a
different fix. The face the proposition of losing much of
their economic production either way they go. Early
alliance decision is something they should avoid to allow
the surrounding Free and Servs to exhaust themselves,
however, the exact placement of camps may depend a great
deal on which alliance they decide to join.

Anyway, enough of that. I'll let the rest of you analyze
the data yourself. Here it is.

The Data

Hex  Name           |Winter|Spring|Summer |Fall  Owner
-------------+ ------+------+-------+--------------------
0408 Forlond        |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Noldo
0508 Lanthir Lamath |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Noldo
0605 Telenaug       |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  Dw.
0606 Noegrod        |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  Dw.
0611 Harlond        |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Noldo
0707 Culwic         |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Arth.
0708 Mithlond-West  |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Noldo
0710 Mithlond-East  |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Noldo
0807 Eruimar        |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Arth.
0808 Galenros       |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Noldo
0810 Elostirion     |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Noldo
0812 Zagragathol    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Dw.
0907 Caras Celairnen|cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Arth.
1006 Caras Fornen   |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Arth.
1014 Annon Baran    |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1015 Traith Chefudoc|mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1106 Baraketta      |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Arth.
1109 Tarmabar       |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Arth.
1113 Minas Girithlin|mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1211 Athrad Sarn    |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Arth.
1219 Suduri         |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1307 Rood           |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Arth.
1317 Balost         |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1406 Malborn High   |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Arth.
1407 Fornost Erain  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Arth.
1409 Bree           |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Arth.
1420 Enedhir        |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Duns
1510 Minas Malloth  |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1513 Metriath       |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1514 Argond         |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1614 Tharbad        |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Card.
1715 Nin-in-Eilph   |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Duns
1720 Angren         |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Duns
1804 Carn Dum       |polar |polar |polar  |polar WK
1806 Cargash        |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  WK
1817 Larach-Duhnnan |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Duns
1905 Angsul         |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  WK
1906 Shedun         |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  WK
1907 Eldanar        |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  WK
1908 Nothva Rhaglaw |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Rhud.
1910 Fennas Drunin  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Rhud.
1916 Cillien        |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Duns
1917 Wularan        |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Duns
1918 Arailt         |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Duns
1922 Freawul        |mild  |cold  |cool   |cold  Duns
2004 Zarak-dum      |polar |polar |polar  |polar Dw.
2005 Morkai         |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  WK
2006 Mount Gram     |polar |polar |polar  |polar WK
2007 Penmorva       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Rhud.
2008 Cameth Brin    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Rhud.
2009 Thuin Boid     |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Rhud.
2010 Harnalda       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Rhud.
2017 Treforn        |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  Duns
2039 Ardumir        |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Cors.
2109 Tirthon        |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Rhud.
2119 Angrenost      |mild  |mild  |mild   |mild  NG
2121 Aglarond       |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  NG
2135 Vamag          |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  QA
2136 Eradas         |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Cors.
2137 Caldur         |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Cors.
2208 Elnost         |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Rhud.
2209 Imladris       |warm  |warm  |warm   |warm  Noldo
2212 Khazad-dum     |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  Dw.
2220 Dunlostir      |mild  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
2223 Morthondost    |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2225 Rendul         |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2227 Dol Amroth     |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2236 Isigir         |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Cors.
2305 Mount Gundabad |polar |polar |polar  |polar WK
2324 Glanhir        |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2325 Edhellond      |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Sinda
2327 Cirith Dunrandi|mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2328 Endil          |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2337 Maros          |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Cors.
2339 Pellardur      |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Cors.
2405 Buhr Fram      |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  Wood.
2409 Goblin-Gate    |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  DraLd
2411 Eorcan         |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Wood.
2413 Cerin Amroth   |warm  |warm  |warm   |warm  Sinda
2421 Calmirie       |mild  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
2424 Calembel       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2427 Sarlond        |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2430 Caras Tolfalas |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2437 Barazon        |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Cors.
2438 Havens of Umbar|mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Cors.
2508 Maethelburg    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Wood.
2514 Carad Galadhon |warm  |warm  |warm   |warm  Sinda
2520 Onodrith       |mild  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
2527 Linhir         |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2534 Kas Shafra     |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2535 Sukh Akhor     |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2605 Waetan's Lodge |cold  |cold  |cool   |cold  Wood.
2608 Caras Amarth   |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Sinda
2609 Carrock        |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Wood.
2613 Sarn Lothduin  |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Wood.
2615 Vidus          |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Wood.
2617 Tir Limlight   |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
2619 Tir Anduin     |mild  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
2622 Imdorad        |mild  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
2626 Minas Brethil  |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2628 Fanuilond      |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  SG
2630 Eithel Thurin  |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2631 Barad Harn     |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2632 Has Adri       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2634 Sook Ada       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2635 An Pharax      |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2703 Kala Dulakurth |polar |polar |polar  |polar WK
2709 Galadbrynd     |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Sinda
2711 Buhr Widufiras |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Wood.
2712 Sairtheod      |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Wood.
2715 Dol Guldur     |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  DraLd
2730 Methir         |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2731 An Sakal       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2732 Caras Mirilond |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2734 Kas Shadoul    |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2809 Sarn Goriwing  |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  DraLd
2833 Has Yayb       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2835 An Zalim       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  Harad
2904 Zarak Dum      |polar |polar |polar  |polar Dw.
2908 Aradhrynd      |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Sinda
2912 Buhr Widu      |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Eoth.
2915 Ceber Fanuin   |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Sinda
2924 Minas Anor     |mild  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
2926 Minas Arthor   |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  NG
2927 Pelargir       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  NG
3002 Celeb-Ost      |polar |polar |polar  |polar Dw.
3012 Buhr Waldmarh  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Eoth.
3020 Tir Nindor     |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
3022 Lag-scara      |mild  |mild  |warm   |mild  IK
3024 Osgiliath      |mild  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
3026 Bar-en-Tinnen  |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  NG
3028 Tir Ethraid    |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  NG
3034 Lugarlar       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  QA
3104 Lag-auris      |polar |polar |polar  |polar DraLd
3105 Buhr Thurasig  |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  North.
3108 Dale           |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  North.
3109 Esgaroth       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  North.
3110 Londaroth      |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  North.
3112 Buhr Ailgra    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Eoth.
3113 Buhr Waldaes   |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Eoth.
3116 Romenost       |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
3120 Thuingwathost  |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   DkLts.
3121 Lag-konzi      |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   DogLd
3122 Durthang       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  IK
3123 Barad Perras   |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  IK
3124 Minas Ithil    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  NG
3125 Lag-shemat     |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  IK
3126 Lag-majakul    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  IK
3217 Buhr Anthar    |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Eoth.
3220 Ashkiri        |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   East.
3221 Morannon       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DogLd
3222 Carach Angren  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  ClLd
3223 Katund-akul    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  IK
3224 Barad Ungol    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  FK
3225 Lag-digtumarr  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  FK
3230 Lag-malmabus   |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  LR
3234 Wathduin       |mild  |warm  |hot    |warm  QA
3316 Thorontir      |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
3319 Ursh Lanna     |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  East.
3321 Lag-hundur     |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DogLd
3322 Lag-ujakdagul  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DogLd
3323 Lag-lithlad    |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   DkLts.
3324 Lag-zajarzot   |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   FK
3325 Lag-flaksharbtu|hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   FK
3327 Lag-vrasfotak  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  FK
3329 Olbamarl       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  LR
3335 Kul Dinbar     |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   QA
3416 Buhr Beorills  |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Eoth.
3421 Lag-ulurikon   |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DogLd
3422 Lag-fhauga     |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DkLts.
3423 Barad-dur      |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   DkLts.
3426 Barad-wath     |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  FK
3428 Barduath       |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   ClLd
3437 Tir Harn       |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   QA
3506 Nahald Kudan   |cold  |cold  |cool   |cold  DraLd
3528 Nurumurl       |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   ClLd
3533 Jug Rijesha    |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   QA
3538 An Karagmir    |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   East.
3605 Lar-Huz        |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  East.
3607 Barak-shathur  |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  Dw.
3612 Buhr Mahrling  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Eoth.
3621 Carvarad       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DkLts.
3622 Minas Durlith  |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DkLts.
3624 Ostigurth      |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DogLd
3626 Rul            |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   ClLd
3627 Urlurtsu Nurn  |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   BS
3629 Kul Tarkorul   |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   ClLd
3630 Kal Nargil     |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  ClLd
3707 Azanulinbar-dum|severe|cold  |cool   |cold  Dw.
3713 Ilanin         |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  East.
3712 Kardavan       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  North.
3715 Buhr Gadraught |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Eoth.
3716 Warfinger      |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  NG
3819 Buhr Padaruik  |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Eoth.
3822 Lug Ghurzun    |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  DraLd
3829 Virk Ulgath    |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   BS
3916 Kheled-nala    |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  Dw.
3928 Zarok Ioriag   |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   BS
3929 Luglurak       |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  BS
4013 Shrel-Kain     |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  North.
4014 Riavod         |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  East.
4015 Scari          |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  North.
4017 Lest           |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  North.
4025 Burch Nurn     |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   BS
4126 Orduga Aivaisa |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   BS
4133 Sturlursta Khan|hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   East.
4215 Tol Buruth     |severe|cold  |cool   |cold  LR
4217 Dilgul         |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  North.
4228 Khand Amu      |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   East.
4318 Mistrand       |cold  |mild  |warm   |mild  East.
4324 Neburcha       |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   LR
4325 Buhr Ovaisa    |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   LR
4335 Ovatharac      |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   East.
4413 Rhubar         |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  Sinda
4415 Elgaer         |cold  |cool  |mild   |cool  North.
4425 Lagari Orath   |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   LR
4430 Laorki         |hot   |hot   |hot    |hot   East.

Last Word

In issue #34 of "From the Mouth of Sauorn" the general
info files for the 2950 scenario were published. I've
received some corrections for the Fire King, Northern
Gondor and Blind Sorcerer, but most of the others are as
seen. If any of you have corrections, additions, or
deletions to those general info files I'd like to see them
soon. Those "info hogs" among us demand correct data!

It's been quiet on this end. There were a couple of
articles which have been long in the planning for this
issue, but there have been very few submissions as of
late. Write us something, please.