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    Exclamation The Front Sheet

    Holiday period
    Clint is off June 9th for 2 weeks as is John for a week around that period. I'm not sure what John's upto but I'm off to sunny Vegas with a few friends. So if anyone is in the area I'm more than happy to meet up!

    So I'll cover any queries when I'm back... just so that you're aware if things slow down in the office a little.

    NPC Buff in Kin-strife
    Attention all Kin-strife players: NPCs may be tougher than they seem!
    In order to discourage players from killing unrecruited NPCs of the opposite allegience, all unrecruited NPCs have had a boost of 50 to their challenge rank.
    Additionally, all recruited NPCs have received a smaller (+15) challenge rank bonus.
    Why? Well, a core element of Kin-Strife is the potential to recruit NPCs. However, the tactic of deliberately targetting and killing unrecruited NPCs was resulting in too frew NPCs being available to recruit. So we hope that this change will mean that the NPCs survive long enough to be recruited.

    Important Paypal Information
    If you pay us direct by Paypal (rather than via our website), note that we're switching over to a new Paypal account. So in future, can you please make payments to

    The following new games are filling up:
    1650 2 wk (Game 73) 21/25 nations available.
    1650 GB 2 wk (Game 72) 11/12 positions available (2 nation game)
    Kinstrife 2 wk (Game 672) 11/14 nations available (Upto 2 nations).
    Kinstrife GB 2 wk (Game 673) 5/6 positions available (2 nations).

    1000 2 wk (Game 45) 18/25 nations available. (Upto 2 nation game.)
    2950 2wk (Game 238) 11/24 nations availiable. (Upto 2 nation game.) 12v12 game no Rhun (Dun/WW FP, KE and Cor DS)
    2950 2wk (Game 240) 4/10 available (Upto 2 nation) Untold War variant - see below.

    Untold War

    We have updated our Privacy Policy. It can be found here:
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