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    Exclamation The Front Sheet

    "As strange as news from Bree."
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    Re: The Front Sheet

    Hi guys

    New from Bree #38
    Check out the latest issue of News from Bree:

    We have now removed inactive teams from the prs ratings. However, if you see that your team has gone and would like it to remain in the system, it is not too late - just get in touch and let us know (

    New JOverseer
    We need some play testers for the new look JO - any takers? It's set-up for new players and we'll have a new guide and video tutorial but we need some feedback to get it working first.

    Player Rating system
    I'm glad to announce that we've finally done all the databse work for the Player Rating System and it's back. PRS is now up to date, including Kin-strife games.

    Enjoy and feedback if there's any errors. Each month the ratings change btw.

    The following new games are filling up:

    1650 1 wk (Game 58) 20/25 positions available (upto 2 nation game)
    1650 2 wk (Game 67) 6/25 nations available.
    1650 GB 2 wk (Game 68) 4/12 positions available (2 nation game)

    1000 2 wk (Game 45) 16/25 nations available. Upto 2 nation game, 10% discount on cost for 2 nations.

    Kinstrife 2 wk (Game 656) 10/14 nations available

    We are looking to put together an issue of News from Bree, does anyone have an article or game report they'd like to write? Contact us if your interested.

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